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Top 5 Best Soccer Fundraising Ideas

Top 5 Best Soccer Fundraising Ideas

The popularity of soccer remains unchallenged in most parts of the world where more kids play soccer than any other participation sport. Soccer is an expensive game, however, and many children can be locked out of playing it due to a lack of funds. This is why fundraising is extremely important. Here are our top five money-raising ideas to kick your team’s dreams to a winning reality. These are proven ways of raising money styled to suit you as an individual player, a team, league, cup or charity.

Soccer Fundraiser Idea One: Soccer Scratch Cards


Our preferred fundraising partner is Xtraman Fundraising discount cards. Their fundraising cards provide amazing value for our supporters. Xtraman’s soccer fundraisers raise more per player than any other program.

Soccer scratch cards are one of the most popular ways of raising money for soccer players, teams or tournaments. A scratch card comes with your team name and picture printed on the front and 50 scratch dots.

You then go around asking donors to scratch off a dot or two and donate the amount written under the dot. Once all dots are scratched, each card raises $100. The minimum profit margin is 70%. If you buy only one card at $30 and raise $100 you will have made $70. If you buy 100 cards your profit margin could go up to 90%.

Top 5 Best Soccer Fundraising Ideas
Top 5 Best Soccer Fundraising Ideas

Soccer Fundraiser Idea Two: $10 Frozen Cookie Dough Tub Fundraiser

Another great fundraising idea is to sell frozen cookie dough. You can purchase the dough from because they don’t charge any money upfront and provide you with free brochures, order forms, and cash collection envelopes. Sponsors would be able to prepare freshly baked, tasty cookies in a variety of flavors. The selling price for each 2-pound tub of dough is $10 and you would make a minimum profit margin of 25%.

Soccer Fundraiser Idea Three: $10 Simple Snacks

The snacks fundraiser idea involves selling a bag of 14 of the most popular snacks at $10 each. Each snack bag costs $5 so you make a 50% profit on each sale! The snack bag contains nuts, trail mix, popcorn, gummy bears and sour gummy worms. When placing orders it is better to get 150 bags or more so as to qualify you for FREE shipping and increase your profits.


Top 5 Best Soccer Fundraising Ideas
Top 5 Best Soccer Fundraising Ideas

Soccer Fundraiser Idea Four: Popcorn Fundraiser

Another bestselling idea is gourmet popcorn. Your team would sell a pack of 8 flavors of popcorn for $10 each. The popcorn is all Gluten Free, MSG Free and made with GMO-Free corn. You will make a 40% profit on each sale and can even qualify for free shipping which would increase your profit margin. would provide free brochures, order forms, and cash collection envelopes and you would only need to pay after selling your popcorn and placing your order.

Soccer Fundraiser Idea Five: Pretzel Rods Fundraiser

Our fifth fundraising idea is sweet and salty chocolate covered pretzel rods. You must buy at least one case of 240 pretzels and sell each for $1. Profit margins start at 40% and can go up to 50% depending on the number of cases bought. The Pretzel rods are dipped in milk chocolate and then rolled in crushed candy-coated chocolates, toffee, or rainbow sprinkles.

Use any of these 5 ideas or even all of them and you will have no more funding worries for your team. For more information on soccer such as how long a soccer game should be and how to become a soccer coach a team, read the rest of our blog.

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