2018 Softball tournament Pricing

Team Fee $300

  • 3 Game Minimum
  • Adult ages 21 and older
  • 65 foot bases
  • 235-270-235 fence, and a 270 fence played on major league field
  • Game Balls and Umpires included
  • All games played on site at Dan Duquette Sports academy

Softball Rules

- 6’-12’-pitch height
- Start with 0-0 count
- Foul ball after 2nd strike is an out
- Batting order must alternate guy – girl
- Must have 4 girls on the field and in the lineup at all times
- 10 player minimum
- If someone gets hurt and there are only 9 players, teams MUST take an out in the batting order
- All bats MUST be ASA certified
- 7 innings, 3 outs per inning
- 2 hour game time limit
- 15 minute grace period from the start of your scheduled game time. After that teams will forfeit
- 3 game minimum for each team
- Home team is expected to shag foul balls
- Players must use common sense and polite and respectable player conduct. Umpires will NOT tolerate disrespect and can eject you
- First place and runner up trophy will be given

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